We strive to be a leading national social organization with contemporary conduct and global radiation. We endeavor to be a major contributor in building a balanced national persona, eligible to drive in the third millennium.

Our Mission

Contained by the framework of the United Arab Emirates culture and heritage, and in harmony with the modern world we are part of, we rejuvenate the emerging sector of society, our young people, to be dynamic spirited members of the society through the promotion and enforcement of culture and heritage.

Our Goals

  • To maintain and preserve the heritage of the United Arab Emirates and educate the young generation the legacy and inheritance of ancestors.
  • Development and organize activities related to the heritage and culture of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Conduct studies and research on the United Arab Emirates Heritage and popular literature components such as poetry, narrative stories and proverbs.
  • Promote and enforce patriotism among young generation.
  • Reaffirm the commitment to the legacy of our ancestors with constant self-enrichment with knowledge, culture and sciences related to our heritage.
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Sat May 16 09:45:18 2015
Sultan bin Zayed Ninth International Equestrian 2015 festival
Sun May 17 07:21:19 2015
Sultan bin Zayed Ninth International Equestrian Festival in "Botheeb” launched